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ADVERTISE HERE!!! [Aug. 28th, 2006|02:24 pm]
Hogwarts House Cup


This is the post where you will earn your promotion points. Make sure you post a link to the community you advertise in, as well as the house you belong to. If neither your house, or a link to the promotion is present, you will receive no points.

As points are added, your comments will be screened, so that only you and the mods can see the post. This is to avoid any confusion about whether the points have been counted, and whether or not a community has been advertised in. If you promote in a community that has already received a real_hogwarts banner, your comment will be deleted and no points will be awarded.

A link will be posted in the user info of this community, as well as each house common room and real_hogwarts so that this post will not be hard to find.

If claims to promotion are posted elsewhere, you will be reminded to post here and then your comment will be deleted.

Sabrina//Hufflepuff Head of House//Co-Mod