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Hogwarts House Cup

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FINAL MATCH POINTS!!!!!!!! [Aug. 24th, 2006|07:35 pm]
Hogwarts House Cup


50 points for the Keeper
50 points for the Chaser
50 points for the Seeker
1140 points for the Beater
50 points for the Captain

200 points for a special Hufflepuff Challenge.

It would have been awesome if everyone could have participated in this match, seeing how many points could have been earned... and you didn't even have to be a member of the team to play... makes me kinda sad actually. ;_;

Sabrina//Hufflepuff Head of House//Co-Mod

[User Picture]From: endless_abyss
2006-08-28 05:43 am (UTC)
I'm sorry, you can still submit it if you want though. Even thought its late I'll still accept it.
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